Top 10 SEO Driven Ways to Stay on Top During COVID-19

It’s no longer news that COVID-19 has changed the way we live our day-to-day lives. With over a million cases of the COVID-19 pandemic cases arising, the governments around the world have taken brave steps to limit how people interact with almost anything.

Any person living in 2020 knows the ways how novel coronavirus has impacted our lives personally, but as a byproduct, it also changed the way people search on Google also! This pandemic has changed how people engage with brands, services, and do business on a massive scale.

As people are being forced to stay home, how can you shift your SEO strategies to address your audience to maintain your presence? Businesses that know how to adjust their SEO games to the changing marketplace will not only strengthen their authority in the field now but set themselves up for success in the future.

As organizations bring their best to remain relevant for their target audience throughout this global pandemic, you can maintain a strong digital presence through updating your strategies, conducting keyword research, developing relevant quality content, and updating your website. Let’s share informative articles from your industry on how your business is prepared to serve customers during the COVID-19. Where to begin:

Table of Contents

Connect With Your Clients During a Critical Moment

Whether you’re tested positive or not, we’re all dealing with the coronavirus outbreak. Everyone is at their home, taking enough precautions to protect themselves and their loved ones. We are locked in our house, and we can’t visit our friends, our kids aren’t in their school, we can’t eat out at our favorite restaurants or go to the theater. And this is the time to genuinely show empathy to your customers and help out where you can. This is the time where we have to be understanding and sensitive – and not too pushy towards our sales markets – but it is also an excellent opportunity to stand out during this difficult time.

While being stuck at home, more people are on social media scanning for new updates on the news and trying their best to stay connected in an isolated nation. Use your business to provide food and water banks or assist older people with their shopping. Reach out to your customers through email follow ups to ensure that they are handling the situation well. Plus, you better email and social media campaigns to promote your acts.

Make Sure Your Services Can Be Found Online

More people are now online right now than in their day-to-day jobs or at parties. Search traffic has insanely increased over the past weeks, and it will continue to climb as the effect of COVID-19 is finally decreasing. We’re all in a state of almost glued to our mobile phones and laptops looking for updates within our community. We’re also looking for ways to entertain ourselves to pass the time, and it’s ranging from TikTok’s to filling your online shopping cart to catch up with the trend.

Anything one found online right now will be consumed more than any trend before. It is time to be found online. You should recheck all your SEO strategies to climb to the top of Google’s SERPs so that your business and services can be easily found. Start with your keyword research to catch up with the change.

Even Customers Are Not Buying Anything, Your Services Are Still Being Considered

Organic research is part of the customer’s research process. For longer sales cycles, this is almost true as customers may go organic research phases for several times. As their operations are being interrupted by the pandemic attack, your customers may come up with compiling a list of potential solutions, as they are reading and watching videos while they are considering their options, or looking for more reviews and testimonials on the products and services, and more. So, at this time, focus on legitimate PR and find more backlink building opportunities to get your target audience utilizing and sharing your ideas.

Circumstances Like This Provide Opportunities For a Special Offer

During this uncertain period, you have the opportunity to show support and care for your audience base by offering special discounts and offers that will keep them hooked to your services. Learn more about your service – product – market fit during this time and create a special offer while being not too salesy or pushy. Not everyone has an option to work from home to keep their income steady, and many people are at their home browsing the internet, looking for discounts to save more money during this time. There are many great ways to engage with your customers and keep your doors to the business opened. It’s a great time to spend money on pay-per-click (PPC) to push out your special offers through social media advertising.

Develop New Trends

For people who are actively on the internet, and SEO knows that search trends have made a drastic change during this time – and there’s a lot to learn about this. The pandemic has changed how someone searches and what they need from Google’s search results.

They have developed more interest in certain things that they did not. As a result, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Google have joined hand-in-hand to create a new SOS alert for all COVID-19 searches on the search engine’s platform.

Right now, even an item like toilet paper and disinfecting wipes are being searched for like never before. Learning and keeping with these new search trends allow your website to adapt to the trends and keeping your feet on the first page.

Customers Are Seeking For Guidance

Now you have the opportunity to build your brand voice in the industry right now by presenting expert advice and reliable information about COVID-19 to customers. People are looking everywhere to get proper guidance and help during this time. Focus on the information you’re providing and make sure to offer to connect with you on social media, or a link to download useful information, or some other resources on the line.

When linking to COVID-19 related resources, make sure you’re linking to the reputable sites. The content you’re developing to recommend to your clients is a reflection of your brand. Look for sources like WHO or CDC to confirm any COVID-19 related information you’re sharing is accurate.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

SEO helps your businesses to improve organic traffic and move past your competition. Your products and services must be on top of Google’s SERPs so that when a customer searches for a particular keyword, your services are the ones they end up choosing. It takes time and strategic optimization plans to be on top of the SERPs. Regularly update your website content to maintain relevance. It’s time to run a full website analysis and make relevant changes to your website speed and user-friendliness to be more convincing to users. Or you can even consider a web design service to do the work for you.

SEO Provides Local Services to Global Reach

Whether you’re a global franchise or a retail store, all you need to know is that your customers are online, and they’re using “search” like never before. And are your business and services are positioned in a place to appear to their relevant queries? As people are locked down in their homes, this could be a perfect time for local stores and stakeholders to invest in optimization for their existing content for a specific region or city. If you never had the resources or time to spend on your business’s translation services before, then this might be the time to invest in translation services for your German, French, Chinese, Spanish, or other customers.

Develop More Ways to Deliver Content Creatively

Video: Be in the know by taking advantage of SEO and content marketing tactics. When everyone is spending their time on the social media channel, you should start developing eye-catching video content to get their attention. Think outside of the box to create entertaining content to be top of your competitors. Since everyone is inside their home and bored, creating engaging visual branding content will help your business to stand out.

visual branding

Blogs: If your website is already on the blog side, consider increasing how often you’re posting new content to the site. A good blog field allows you to create more specific and relevant content. This is a great form to increase the number of clicks on your website.

Webinars: If you want to provide a more personalized approach and reach out to more prospects and clients – the webinar is the right way. Having an honest, real-time conversation with your allies this time helps you to build more personal relationships. Since everyone is practicing social distancing, hearing a voice or seeing a face can make them feel more valuable.

Prepare Your Marketing Strategies For the Bounce-Back Wave

COVID-19 is not here to stay. As time passes, the outbreak should fade after a few months. As the normalcy returns, everything will stabilize, people might go back to their typical day to day habits, or they would develop a new trend to keep up with their past few month’s lifestyles. SEO is more of a long term strategy. What changes you do today for your SEO campaign will result in your ranking and organic search traffic three months from now. When planning your SEO strategies based on COVID-19 impact, remember that COVID-19 is not here to stay, you have to plan your strategy for the pandemic free world!


Why You Need Subwoofers In Your Home Theater System

Having the latest home theater systems in the house may not give you the optimal sound quality. There are things that a subwoofer gives you that a typical home theatre cannot. The one thing that a subwoofer does best is to capture low-frequency audio that is not heard in your regular system.
Most people assume that a subwoofer comes with a big box, and all they do is create the boom effect. Thou this is mostly true, there is so much more a subwoofer does. For starters, it’s able to bring out the low-frequency effects, and they reproduce every sound thrown at them.
In most cases, the sound frequency is so low, and all you can feel is the vibrations. If you set it right, it will help your regular home theatre be at its best. states that a good subwoofer is meant to complement the home theatre and give you the very best audio. Now that you have a brief overview of subwoofers, here are the reasons why it is essential to have them;

There are sound frequencies that are easy to obtain with an average speaker, and then there are those low-frequency sounds that are hard to capture. That’s what subwoofers do best.
They capture all types of music with superior quality. The quality of the sound produced is based on the quality of the subwoofer thou a basic subwoofer can capture the sound that other speakers cannot.
An average speaker can capture sound with a frequency of about 50Hz, which is not enough to capture some notes. On the other hand, a conventional subwoofer will capture frequencies as low as 20Hz.
With the advancements of technology, some subwoofers can capture frequencies more depressed than that, which is extraordinary. At that frequency, they can capture sound wavelengths that are at the very limit of our hearing capabilities. That’s why its essential to have subwoofers as they will give you the very best sound, and the quality of your audio will never be the same again

2) To bring out the best from your speakers

Most people assume that having a subwoofer will kill the standard speakers. That is not the case, as good subwoofers are supposed to complement your speakers. You should picture the subwoofer as an extension of your speaker rather than a competitor. For the ultimate experience, your subwoofer and the standard speakers should complement each other and enhance your audio experience. When setting the subwoofers, strive to achieve a balance between the two. A well-set system of home theatre and subwoofers should blend easily without the subwoofers overpowering the speakers. The subwoofers should not, at any given time, draw all the attention to themselves and should bring out the best from the speakers.

3) No distorted audio even at high volumes

There is a notion that if you set high volumes for your speakers, the audio will be distorted. It is mostly true with an average speaker as they have a hard time keeping up with high volumes. That should not be the case with a decent subwoofer.
A subwoofer is designed to handle high volumes with ease, and that’s why having them means getting clear music. The average subwoofer should be able to handle high volumes easily and give you superior quality. The better the subwoofer, the easier it is to play high demanding music with superior quality.

4) Delivers every note in the audio

Some notes are not clear with your average speaker. Thus, it’s hard to capture every note that the artist wanted you to hear. That’s where the subwoofers come in as they can accurately produce every other note in audio. This is especially true with the low spectrum audios that are not captured by the average speakers. Adding subwoofers to your home system will give you an experience you never thought you needed.

5) Subwoofers help speakers achieve their sonic potential

Smaller speakers always have a hard time when playing medium and high-volume audios. It is tough to push them over their limits. This is where subwoofers compliment the speakers. In most cases, subwoofers have their connected amplifiers, which, with excellent bass management skills, will give your small speakers a chance to play to their potential.

6) Compliments your home system

One of the main reasons why subwoofers are essential is to compliment the home system. Having subwoofers won’t render your speakers useless rather, it should blend in with it.
The subwoofers will give you something your ordinary speaker won’t provide you. If you want to optimize the quality of your audio, you need to have both. This also presents another issue of how to set them so that they play in harmony. Having excellent bass management skills is essential here as it will enable you to find the best rhythm.
Using the speakers and the subwoofers, you ought to find a level where the two will blend seamlessly. The standard speakers should not be overworked nor should the subwoofers steal all the attention

Final thoughts

All of the above are enough reasons why having subwoofers are essential. The quality of the music or audio you want will guide you when choosing the right subwoofers.
Missing subwoofers can lead you to not fully utilize your current speakers while at the same time leading you to miss on a few crucial aspects. There are different subwoofers out there, all with different capabilities, but even the simplest one has vast effects.
Subwoofers are not all about the bass and having a boom effect, as they play such a crucial role in any home system set up. They will help you hear all the effects and tones in music, and your audio will never be the same.
It is important to note that not all music genres work well with subwoofers, but having them will improve the quality of your audio. If you are having a hard time selecting the right subwoofers, or you cannot get it right when setting the whole system, you can consult the experts.


Best Way Tips For Successful Social Media Marketing

An affiliate program is a setup by which a business (on the internet seller) marketing a product, tool, or service– accepts to pay their affiliates (you) a commission for any type of sales your blog generates of their service or products. For businesses who take care of the associate program, they’re incentivizing you (with payment settlements) to send them recommendation traffic. It is among the most convenient means for brands to bring in new consumers because they’re taking advantage of blog sites (like yours) where their target market currently exists online.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

The procedure works by placing an associate web link on your blog, which leads anyone that clicks it directly to the merchant’s internet website. The contracts of Best Affiliate Marketing Software frequently differ considerably– some provide compensation to the affiliate just after a client finishes a sale, while various other associate programs use a commission for simply obtaining a visitor to sign up for a cost-free test of their item– whether they end up coming to be a totally paid client.

There’s likewise a substantial distinction when it pertains to commission rates as well, which is why you are required to do your homework as well as think about lots of variables prior to you making the option to go with a specific affiliate program. 

There are three main types of incentives in affiliate marketing

Free Product: With product-based affiliate marketing blogs and advertising, when you advertise a brand’s products, you’ll break out instances, debts, or strategy upgrades for referring brand-new consumers to the business. While this can occasionally be a win, it’s not the most effective means to generate income blogging, so we don’t have anyone of those programs included in this listing.

Commission: Many affiliate programs will compensate you for each time a new consumer signs up for a firm’s product, device, or service using your associate web link, granting you a one-time set payment payout (sometimes based upon the value of which strategy or item the customer purchased).

Sales Percentage: This is without a doubt, the most common sort of associate advertising, generally as a result of the truth that it’s considered to be a whole lot a lot more rewarding. Under this contract, you will acquire a portion of the sales whenever a person clicks the associate web link on your blog/website as well as likewise procures the product or service being utilized past.

Best affiliate marketing blogs

Amazon Associates

This system is a titan in the eCommerce world as well as its appeal remains to expand. So, if you ever talking about items that may perhaps be up for sale someplace on, then it makes sense for you to join Associates to begin gathering (tiny) settlements on the items people acquisition after following your Amazon affiliate links.  Amazon runs a volume-based advertising and marketing fee framework. The even more items that are shipped as a result of your associate links, the much more you’ll make per sale, which incentivizes blog owners to refer increasingly more consumers with time.

eBay has actually been around given that the dawn of time. ALRIGHT so that’s not true, however as for the internet goes, they have actually had a future. Their listings consist of nearly anything a customer could ask for from long-forgotten vintage souvenirs to brand new goods. With a name as widely known as, a high conversion price is made sure with their associate programs.


Bluehost is a web hosting business that’s amongst the 20 biggest on the planet, jointly responsible for hosting over 2 million domain names in addition to its sis companies, FastDomain, iPage as well as HostGator. Bluehost is rated as having among the greatest hosts prepare for blog owners that are looking for easy profits chances on their blog site (particularly if their blog site certain specific niche covers subjects attached to WordPress or making up). The business has paid out $5 million in payments in 2014 alone, making it amongst the greatest paying associate programs in the host.


SiteGround is an additional prominent host business. Like Bluehost as well as Dreamhost, this holding firm is WordPress suggested making it an all-natural choice for WordPress individuals. If you’ve been using SiteGround to organize your own blog site you may think about joining their affiliate program.

A2 Hosting

Established in 2001, it is holding a WordPress service provider. They’re understood for low-cost and also rapid web hosting as well as solid client support. A2 Hosting’s associate program pays well as well as is a great selection for blog writers that sustain this firm.


HostGator is an organizing company that has been around since 2002. They’re well developed in business as well as offer a generous compensation price to associates.


GreenGeeks is a growing host carrier that has actually been around since 2008. They are best understood for being an environment-friendly choice for web hosting. GreenGeeks offsets its carbon impact by acquiring renewable energy credit histories. At the end of the year, they calculate their power use, and also afterwards acquire 3x the quantity in wind power to be launched back right into the grid.


Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform that collaborates with people, groups, and also companies to grow internet sites. The handled holding options allow users to run a blog site or web site without needing to comprehend the technical details. Cloudways has an associate program that supplies affiliates 2 selections for payment making it an extra individualized experience.


NameCheap is a domain enrollment web site in addition to an organizing firm. They additionally give other services like applications, protection, VPNs, and also a couple of other things. As the name recommends, this company is known for having affordable domain names and also holding strategies. They also have an excellent affiliate program for bloggers.


Kinsta provides the very best cloud-based holding for WordPress blog proprietors, without a doubt. Making Use Of Google Cloud along with LXD handled Linux containers under the hood at their information facilities around the world, Kinsta is extensively thought-about to be among the best-managed holding distributors offered for blog proprietors. The firm has an online reputation for offering lightning-fast organizing, SSL assistance using Let’s Encrypt for included defense, enhanced back-ups as well as easy migration among lots of various other functions.

About The Author

Hermit Chawla is a MD at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Affiliate System Services. I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.


Android 11’s power menu device controls finally bring the phone into the smart home

Android 11 Beta 1 was released this week and it includes a bevy of great features. One that has stuck out to me ever since we first spotted it in earlier Developer Previews is the Device Controls in the Power Menu. As someone who has invested in smart home devices, this is a very exciting feature and it makes my phone feel fully integrated into the smart home.

For some background, the Device Controls API allows developers to put home automation shortcuts in the Power Menu. Google has been slowly adding code for this feature since the first Developer Preview, but it really became functional in Developer Preview 4. The Google Home app now supports this feature, so any device you have set up in the Google Home app can show up in the Power Menu. Eventually, we’ll see other apps tie into this feature as well.

Android 11 News on XDA

Google is doing some interesting things with the Power Menu in Android 11. Besides the Device Controls, they also have payment methods and boarding passes on this menu. Google says they are thinking of this area as sort of a “pocket” for your digital wallet and keys. That’s a pretty good analogy for why I believe Device Controls finally make my phone feel like a part of the smart home experience.

Smartphones are already important for a smart home setup. Depending on the devices and ecosystem(s) you use, there are probably a few different “remote” apps on your phone. These apps can be used to turn on/off lights, dim the brightness, lock doors, create routines, etc. At first, using these apps feels pretty futuristic. You can turn off the light from your bed! This is the future! But after a while, the experience becomes clunky.

Personally, I’m invested in Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem, so I only need one app to control my smart devices. Everything connects to the SmartThings Hub and then shows up in the app. If you don’t use a central hub, you may have Wi-Fi connected devices from a few different companies that all have their own apps. The Google Home app can bring all of these devices into a single interface—which is a good start—but Device Controls is the better solution.

See, after the initial “this is the future!” phase wears off, your phone starts to feel like just another remote. The problem is that it’s a really inefficient remote. You have to unlock it, find the app you need, scroll around, and then tap a button. This is why smart speakers are so popular among smart home enthusiasts as they remove a lot of the barriers to quickly control a device. You can simply use your voice from anywhere and completely avoid pulling out your phone.

Having a physical remote to control your smart home is a nice convenience, though, and that’s why I’m excited about Device Controls. Putting the smart home controls in the Power Menu makes them feel like a native part of the OS. Rather than hunting for some third-party app, you can use the physical button on your phone to jump to the switches. It’s the difference between something that feels “tacked on” and something that feels intentional.

Smart home devices are all about convenience. Anything that makes the experience just slightly less cumbersome is a big deal. Device Controls in Android 11 feels like the next step in fully integrating smartphones with the smart home. Now the phone in my pocket isn’t just a delivery mechanism for apps, it’s actually a native-feeling remote. This is the future.

Hey Google, turn off the light.

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Weekly poll: Redmi 9 does more than the Redmi 8, but costs more too - is it worth it?

The Redmi phones – not Redmi Note, not Redmi K, just the base series – is the baseline for Xiaomi phones, a distillation of the most important features wrapped up in an affordable package.

By their affordable nature, they move slightly behind the times, but the Redmi 9 is still a major upgrade over what came before it. For starters, the screen now has 1080p+ resolution, no more slumming it with 720p+. Also, the diagonal was adjusted to 6.53” (up from 6.22”) to make better use of the higher pixel count.

Weekly poll: Redmi 9 does more but also costs more than its predecessor, did Xiaomi mess it up?

Powerful chipsets have proven their ability to draw in potential buyers, so the Redmi ditches the entry-level Snapdragon in favor of a MediaTek Helio G80. The G-series is gaming-oriented and while the Mali-G52 MC2 is hardly a beast, it still has more than twice the computing power of the old Adreno 505.

The CPU has two Cortex-A75 cores, which deliver a significant boost in single-core performance (the small A55 cores got a speed boost too).

 real world performance gains will be smaller, but still notableNote: real world performance gains will be smaller, but still notable

Xiaomi kept the memory setup the same as before – 3GB of RAM and 32GB storage as base, 4/64GB as an option. It’s a standard eMMC 5.1 storage we’re looking at here and there’s a dedicated microSD card slot for expanding it.

The Redmi 8 technically had a dual camera, but since the second module was a depth sensor, you really only had one cam. The Redmi 9 corrects that with a quad camera setup (and yes, one of the modules is still a depth sensor).

The main camera has a 13MP sensor, which feels like a downgrade. It has 1.1 µm pixels and sits behind a relatively dark lens with an f/2.2 aperture – compare that to the 12MP sensor on the old phone with 1.4µm pixels, Dual Pixel AF and f/1.8 aperture.

Weekly poll: Redmi 9 does more but also costs more than its predecessor, did Xiaomi mess it up?

However, the new phone packs an 8MP ultrawide (118°) camera as well as a 5MP macro camera, offering more flexibility. Video recording is still capped at [email protected], there’s isn’t even a 60fps option (even though the chipset supports it).

The battery has essentially the same capacity as before, 5,020 mAh. It supports 18W charging, but the retail package includes a regular 10W charger, so if you want fast charging, you’ll have to buy a separate power brick. This was the situation with the previous model too, so no improvement here.

The Redmi 9 is priced at €150/$140 (for the 3/32GB model) while the Redmi 8 started at $112 or so. Are the more powerful chipset and higher res screen worth it? Or are you sad to see a solid entry-level device get more expensive without a good reason?



Weekly poll results: vivo X50 Pro+ wins over the fans as it didn't underestimate the chipset

Last week’s poll is a good example of the appeal that cutting-edge flagships have. The vivo X50 Pro+ won hands-down – being the only one with a flagship chipset, the Snapdragon 865, certainly made a big difference. The 120Hz refresh rate certainly helped as well.

And let’s not forget that the plus model is the first phone to use the Samsung ISOCELL GN1 – a large 1/1.3” sensor that’s optimized for low-light shooting. It has a native pixel size of 1.2µm, which grows to 2.4µm thanks to the Tetracell technology (i.e. the Quad Bayer filter).

The vivo X50 Pro suffered a surprising defeat – its gimbal camera is unique and eye catching, but it couldn’t carry the phone to victory all by itself. Maybe vivo should consider a version of this phone with a flagship chipset, marrying the gimbal camera with an S865 could be a winning recipe. Or maybe reviews will show that a gimbal camera is a must-have feature for your next phone, we’ll see.

Finally, the vivo X50 may not have the camera chops of the other two, but it makes for a solid mid-ranger. It’s based on the same platform as the Pro, but the 6.56” 90Hz AMOLED screen is flat, which appeals to some.

Weekly poll results: vivo X50 Pro+ wins over the fans as it didn't underestimate the chipset

Ultimately, those looking for cutting edge tech won’t accept halfway solutions – if the phone has a top shelf camera, manufacturers should make sure it has a top shelf chipset to match.


Hands-on with Imint’s Vidhance Software: Powerful Video Stabilization!

Even if you consider yourself very in tune with what’s going on in the smartphone space, there’s a good chance you haven’t heard of a company like Imint before. Not every smartphone company can be like Apple, Samsung, or Huawei and develop almost all of their own technology in-house, and even the big 3 that we just mentioned still often license technology from third-parties. Imint is one such company that develops and licenses software to smartphone makers, many of whom you’re probably familiar with, including ASUS, Motorola, Xiaomi, Vivo, Huawei, OnePlus, OPPO, HMD Global, and many others. The company’s signature Vidhance suite is comprised of various camera tech that enables some of the best stabilization I’ve seen on any phone, ever.

Imint is a Swedish company that was founded in 2007 and currently develops and licenses the Vidhance SDK, a software development kit for chipset vendors and smartphone device makers to integrate Imint’s video enhancement technologies. Back in February, Imint announced two new additions to their Vidhance software suite: Selfie Mode and Super Stabilization. Selfie Mode is designed to keep your face in the frame when you’re recording a video from the front-facing camera, whereas Super Stabilization uses wide-angle and high-resolution cameras to stabilize videos with excessive motion in them. Both of these features have been optimized to run on the Spectra 480 ISP in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, and they’re both already shipping on the new Motorola Moto Edge+.

In order to demo Imint’s Vidhance software, Imint sent me two Pixel 2 devices running a customized version of Android with Imint’s software baked in. The two phones came pre-installed with 3 different apps: Stabilization, Live Composer, and Auto Zoning. In the video below, I go through the different options, show off some of the settings, and do a demo of each of the apps.

[embedded content]

Stabilization is, of course, designed to produce a super stable video. With it enabled, I found the video stabilization to be much better than the phone’s OIS alone. (Since both phones sent to me were running a modified AOSP ROM, I couldn’t test the standard Google Camera app with Google’s Fused Video Stabilization [OIS+EIS] to compare.) Still, the results speak for themselves: Vidhance stabilization does an incredible job stabilizing video from the rear camera. Front-facing video is even more impressive in this case because on many phones, there is no OIS on the front camera. That means without any software stabilization, front-facing video can get really shaky.

Next is Auto Zoning and this is what I think is the most impressive feature. With Auto Zoning, you can zone in on a specific area and keep that area in focus even as you move the camera around. For example, you could be panning your phone around in a park, but as long as the area you have selected is in sight of the camera, it will always be cropped in on that one area.

Next is Live Composer, which basically allows for super-smooth zooming. While it might not sound like a huge deal (and it really isn’t), it’s really neat to just play around with. It’s something that will take you by surprise when you realize just how choppy zooming in on most smartphones can be.

While all of these features seem impressive, keep in mind that they aren’t just available for you to download with an app. Imint licenses this technology for OEMs to use in their smartphones. There’s no easy way to tell which of Imint’s Vidhance features are being used in any particular smartphone, either, as OEMs usually don’t bother (or rather, prefer not to) list what technologies they’re licensing. At least for the Motorola Moto Edge+, we know it supports a couple of new Vidhance features including Video Stabilization, Horizon Correction, Dynamic Blur Reduction, and Field of View Correction. Even though I haven’t had the chance to try these features out on a commercially available device, I’m really impressed by what I’ve seen on the demo Pixel 2 units that Imint loaned me.

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