10 Best Online Course Marketplaces For Digital Marketing


In recent years, about 60% of the world’s population relies on the internet. Digital marketing refers to the marketing branch that promotes and markets products or services via the digital platform to reach the end customers.

By the course of time and Digital marketing has made a good progression. Many companies have come up with Digital Marketing crash courses, including Google’s ‘Digital Garage’. Digital Marketing is having shiny career prospects for those who want to pursue it as a career goal. According to your set skills, you may get hired as a Social media executive, Copywriter, Brand Manager, SEO analyst and many more. 

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The 10 Best Digital Marketing Course Marketplaces

Fluctuating focus on a career cannot always be considered in a negative approach. If you are planning to make out a living as a Digital Marketer, then you need to understand the nitty-gritty of the business, which can be gained from the right course and right institution. You require the right curriculum that incorporates both theoretical and practical knowledge about Digital Marketing; following are the best 10 online digital marketing courses marketplaces that might help you sail across for a better career opportunity.

1. Udemy: Complete Digital Marketing Course 12 in 1 Course

Udemy is the best selling Digital Marketing course that caters to 200,000 students across the globe. Providing over 20 hours of training and quizzes, Udemy is the most comprehensive digital marketing course available. Udemy covers areas such as YouTube marketing, Facebook marketing, SEO, Google Ad words and many more.

Udemy Course

What you expect to learn

  • During this course, you will learn how you can grow an online business

  • How to channelize the skill to land up gaining a high-paid job in digital marketing. 

  • As an affiliate Marketer how you can make money

  • Work from home as a Freelance Marketer


Udemy covers 12 major online marketing areas, including lectures and practical classes. This course is value for money as it includes marketing research, WordPress, email marketing, copyrighting, Social media marketing, SEO, YouTube marketing, app marketing, LinkedIn marketing and many more. 

With the end of this course, you will become a professional in the world of digital marketing.

**One of the most important parts of Udemy is that if you are not satisfied with the course, then you get your 30-day money return; hence there is no risk.


  • Effortless traffic

  • SEO ranking

  • Easily adaptable course


  • No students can access to emails

  • Stylistic control is limited

  • Expensive 

  • Takes huge commission

2. Lynda: Become a digital marketer

Lynda is another great online digital platform that uses analytical and tactical skills to develop and grow new properties in the world as a digital marketer. Lynda, experiences in teaching students from marketing plans, content strategy, SEO, and many more. Lynda focuses on three aspects, learn, develop and practice.

Lynda Course

What you will learn 

  • Lynda gives you 15 hours expert-created video tutorials

  • Lectures on SEO foundations

  • Google Analytics Essential Training

  • Content Marketing Foundations

  • Lead Generations Foundations

  • Growth hacking foundations

  • Integrated online marketing plan building 


  • Affordable

  • Help in a job search

  • Convenience of studying


  • No projects

  • No lifetime access 

3. AirTract: Publish your thoughts

AirTract is a platform where you can get various study materials on digital marketing; one can even teach or give expert consultation to students who are aspiring to become a digital marketer. There are many other consultation platforms in the market, but Airtract is unique because of its sheer easy to use. Airtract includes numerous courses, an answer bank section,  and also gives live expert consultation as well.


The process to publish content

  • Become an Instructor

  • Introducing the course

  • Creating and uploading course content

  • Profit-sharing, pricing, and promotion

  • Submission of the course


  • Free of cost

  • Expert consultation

  • Structured Content


  • No access to student’s email addresses. 

  • No grades. The highest thing you can earn is a certificate, which basically says you completed the course.  

Coursera is a specialization course offered in digital marketing. They offer master strategic concepts and tools to teach. In the year 2016, Coursera was among the top 10 specializations in terms of student enrollment in online digital marketing courses. The University of Illinois’ Masters of Business Administration degree program is a part of this specialization. There are seven courses in this specialization, and those are marketing in a digital world, marketing analytics, in theory, marketing analytics in practice, digital media and marketing principles, digital media and marketing strategies, marketing in an analog world and digital marketing capstone.

Coursea Course


  • Beginner level studies

  • Flexible time schedules

  • 100% authentic online course

  • High video quality classes

  • Structured learning


  • Fixed enrollment dates

5. Udacity: 360 degree in digital marketing

Udacity is a great online platform for becoming a digital marketer, you will be able to gain real-world experience through live campaigns and you will be ready to launch your career with an understanding of 360-degree digital marketing. The enrollment date is 29,2020, and they do not require any prerequisite experience. 

This course from Udacity in digital marketing is estimated for about 3 months that break downs to 10hours per week.

Udacity has collaborated with many big names in digital marketing such as Facebook blueprint, Mailchimp, Moz, Hubspot, Google, and Hootsuite.


What They Cover

  • Marketing fundamentals

  • Content strategy

  • Social media marketing

  • Social media advertising with Facebook Blueprint

  • SEO

  • Search engine marketing with Google ads

  • Display advertising

  • Email marketing

  • Google analytics


  • Engaging lectures

  • Both access to free and paid tracks

  • Relevant content teaching


  • Complex and lengthy 

  • Requires advanced knowledge to crack the entrance test

The core objective of Simplilearn is to provide an in-depth understanding course in digital marketing and get advanced knowledge in most of the digital marketing domains that include real-world projects. Simplilearn will make candidates exposed to 40+ digital marketing tools and make them experience extensive real-life projects.  

Once the digital marketing course is completed, students will receive a master’s certificate from Simplilearn that will state the candidates have successfully acquired all the set skills as a professional digital marketing specialist.


What they cover

  • Access to 75+ live instructors during online classes

  • 45+ projects with Mimic Pro simulation

  • OMCP certification

  • Alignment certification with Google, Hubspot and Facebook Blueprint


  • Live chat

  • User-friendly

  • Callback

  • Live instructor training


  • Company policy is strict

  • Pricey 

eMarketing Institute is a free online digital marketing course and has 100% free online eBooks for students. There is no subscription charge or any hidden cost. Till now, 130,000 students have registered from 100 different countries. According to Alexa Traffic Ranks, eMarketing Institute is among the most popular online marketing course website worldwide.  

After signing up for the course, students will get a free eBook, that will include all the materials regarding the course, in the eBooks students will find 150 pages of course material in  HTML and PDF format.

Emarketing Institute

What They Offer

  • Provides Free course and certification

  • Beginners: Difficulty level

  • 100% free certified course

  • Professional online certification according to set skills


  • Flexible course

  • Cost-effective course

  • Good for freelancers


  • No fixed formulas

  • Lack of technological developments

Digital Marketing Institute, based in Dublin, is one of the finest digital marketing training places all over the world. The company tries to develop new and innovative ideas so that they can guide people towards successful paths in digital marketing. Several Digital marketing courses are provided by the organization to gain a competitive advantage. The company also has international courses that are offered by them as per the revised global standard, thus improving the marketing capability of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Institute

When talking about online digital marketing, Google is itself the pioneer that started crash courses on digital marketing. The fundamentals of Google digital marketing helps to grow your career and business. This course from Google is considered to be the master for basics in digital marketing. It offers a free interactive advertising bureau accredited course.

Having 26 modules, made by the Google trainers are filled with practical and real-life examples, this helps to turn the theories into action. 

Google Digital Unlock

How Google Digital Unlock works  

  • Students need to complete all the 26 modules 

  • After the completion of 26 modules, students need to pass the final exam by giving answers to all 40 questions  

  • Passing the final exam will lead to sharing the certificate, that can escalate the value of the CV


  • Completely free course

  • Best for beginners

  • Total 40 hours course

  • IAB accredited 

  • Video tutorials

  • Recognized certification

This online digital marketing institute gives unlimited classes on Master Digital Marketing. It provides certification on over a dozen of online marketing topics. Students get certificates by leaders who are working in the industry. Online digital marketing gives 350+ video lessons covering 12 topics. This institute is catering to students for over more than 10 years in the digital marketing industry. 

Online digital marketing offers a free trial of 10 days to students, and this helps students to figure out that Online digital marketing is a good online digital marketing platform or not.

Online Marketing Institute


The most essential skill required in Digital marketing is imagination. People who are thinking of shifting their careers in digital marketing should have an immense creative imagination to cater to consumers. In recent trends, digital marketing courses have gained immense popularity. Moreover, to pursue a career in digital marketing, it is essential to crack a certificate course.