Fantastic Single-Player Games That You Might Have Missed Playing


Every year would bring a growing plethora of new games, the awesome, the bad, and the terrible. Although many titles have received the recognition and admiration they earned, many may have faded into the background. So without much delay, here is our list of games that might have managed to slip under your sights.

It’s not that the titles below are gems or completely shrouded in secrecy. Some games are major successes, but we can’t tolerate but throw them on the list due to the fact that they ‘re deemed by many to be one of the best single player pc games of the decade. 

This collection is not in any specific order, although we will keep improving over time as more fantastic games are released on next-generation platforms.

What Remains of Edith Finch (April 2017)

What Remains of Edith Finch is the game of the developer Giant Sparrow, the group behind The Unfinished Swan. Pretty much across the board, the game story revolves on Edith Finch as she starts to visit a gigantic house operated by her father. 

When she discovers more of her family background, she starts to explore what occurred to every participant on their last day of existence.

Greedfall (September 2019)

Greedfall has been related to the Dragon Age series since its first official statement and game-play discovery. Others also go to the extent of naming it the Dragon Age of 2019. This bias, combined with an unenthusiastic review from critics, may have affected many gamers to dismiss Focus Home Interactive ‘s efforts to measure up throughout the RPG genre.

Oxenfree (January 2016)

If you love epic journey games with a classic horror twist, then try Oxenfree. The game places players in a role called Alex, a young woman who’s heading to a secluded island for a weekend getaway.

The game provides a set of dialog options, and based on what you pick; it will have implications that will eventually decide what the end players can receive.

Observation (2001)

Created by minimal-scale Scottish developer No Code and released by Devolver Digital, Observation were among the most exciting titles of the year. Touted as an expedition-puzzle game, “Observation” gamers step into the role of SAM, the AI in charge of controlling a multinational corporation crewed spacecraft far above the planet. 

Through SAM’s security cameras and minimal control of the station, players are challenged to discover the mystery behind the sudden disappearance of the fleet.

Infamous First Light (2014)

Infamous First Light received a huge launch throughout PlayStation 3 in 2009, with the new update being Notorious: First Sun. This version was published in 2014, and it was a couple of years before the introduction of PlayStation 4. 

This is a stand-alone DLC that rolled out after the Infamous: Second Son, although set up before the developments of the Infamous: Second Son. Plays take on the part of a young conductor and deliver a bit more background if you’ve already experienced the Infamous: Second Son.

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark (April 2019)

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark might well easily be mistaken for an inexpensively crafted strategy game with hardly any new to deliver, thanks to its paper-doll persona art and its simplicity-looking levels. This will be a misjudgment, as the true strong points of the game lay concealed beneath this ragged surface.

As an indie strategy RPG from the new 6 Eyes Studio, Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark broadens and enhances the method of the traditional Final Fantasy Tactics. It provides a broader class system, excellently-designed stages with a multitude of strategic moves, and an unexpectedly entertaining narrative.


It is also difficult to measure what makes a secret gem. The lower the advertisement expenditure of a game, the more the popularity relies on word of mouth, the impact of which may differ significantly from person to individual.

Not all of the games on this list would be totally unheard of, but the finding of only all amazing games that were overlooked in the year is an accomplishment in itself.