Link Whisper Review – Best Internal Linking WordPress Plugin


Being a webmaster, can feel like you are constantly juggling SEO priorities.  If it’s not stellar content, it’s site speed, domain authority or internal linking.

Managing SEO tactics is not simple and it takes a lot of time to understand. 

Out of those, today we are going to expose one of our internal linking strategies and plugins we use.  

SEO’s are constantly trying to find the advantages or creating ones so it can be seen easily in the crowd. And internal linking is one of those advantages. 

Some case studies that found internal linking increased their organic traffic by 40%!  

What is Internal Linking? 

In simple terms, Internal Linking is adding a link on a page to another page on your website using anchor text.

But Internal linking is much more than a simple link. 

It links related content and improves the the internal link structure of a website. That helps tell search engines how relevant a page is by how many internal links point to that page. Which in turn can boost your Search Engine Rankings. 

Though internal linking takes time and effort, we have an easy solution to help you from this time consuming process. 

Link Whisper is a smart internal linking WordPress plugin that will help you in automating the process of internal Link Building.

Keep reading to find out how easy it is to use Link Whisper. 

What is Link Whisper

Link Whisper is an internal linking plugin for WordPress that suggests links based on your content. 

It scans your whole blog in the initial setup, and every time you update a blog post. When the scan is complete, Link Whisper suggests relevant blog posts that can be linked to. 

Websites that rely on content should take internal linking with high priority. It’s one of the most underused SEO strategies.  

It can also be one of the most time consuming strategies.  

You publish your new post with well written, well researched content.  Now you must go through countless other pages on your website, read through the content to find an applicable spot to insert a link to your new content.  Then do that minimum another 10 times and other relevant articles. 

Distributing these internal links is super important as it helps to improve the relevance of your page.  Which is turn improves the SEO of your website.

Link Whisper, powered by AI, gives you automatic link suggestions within the post editor, or even while you are writing.

Benefits of Internal Linking

Internal links are hyperlinks that point from one page on a domain to a different page on the same domain. In other words, internal links connect pages on the same website, meaning that the source and target domain are the same. 

When used correctly, internal links provide paths for search spiders to discover new content, increase visitors’ time on your website, and create a powerful network of related pages.

There are also several benefits using internal link, it includes: 

  • Improves Navigation

Your website’s navigation can have a huge impact on the overall success of your site, and it affects user-friendliness, search engine rankings, and conversions.

Internal links are commonly used in a website’s main navigation, and they allow users to easily maneuver your site to find the information they need

  • Guides Website Visitors

Taking a little time to add internal linking to your site increases the value of each piece of content to the reader because they can easily find additional resources that you’ve created elsewhere on your site.

  • Improves the Indexation of Your Website

Google’s crawler follows link paths throughout the internet to find and index websites. If your website has strong internal linking, the Google crawler has an easier time finding new content that you publish and link to. As a result, indexation will happen faster, too.  And, your efforts are rewarded by improved search engine rankings.

  • Increase Page View and Decrease Bounce Rate

By interlinking pages on your website, you can encourage visitors to spend more time on your site, and ultimately decrease the bounce rate and increase page views on your website. 

This will send positive signals to search engines and can help you improve your ranking in search engine results.

How To Setup Link Whisper

Link Whisper helps you quickly add internal links to your posts by giving you contextual suggestions.

What this means is that it analyzes the content of your posts and gives suggestions for internal links wherever it is relevant and would help the user.

With the power of artificial intelligence, Link Whisper is able to give link suggestions at an instant so that you can quickly add internal links.

To setup Link Whisper is relatively easy. These are the steps you need to do:

1. After downloading the link whisper zip file plugin, just add the plugin into your website by click add new plugin then upload the file or choose file.

2. After installing Link Whisper into your website, you can check the link whisper dashboard and see all your posts report on internal linking

3. You also can check internal links at the bottom of each post you have published.  To accept a link suggestion, just click the check box and click accept

You can check the complete Link Whisper tutorial to help you understand how to use it properly to improve your website.

Link Whisper Features

Link Whisper is a simple plugin and has one focus.  

To make internal linking easy. 

Though there aren’t a ton of features, it accomplishes exactly what it says. And it will save you a ton of time.

The tech features are: 

  • Relevant Internal link suggestions 

  • Suggestions from the wordpress editor while you are writing

  • Reduce “orphan content” on your site (content with little or no links to it)

  • Auto Linking feature allows link whisper to automatically build links with keywords of your choice.

  • Internal link reporting

  • Broken link checker

  • 404 page error reporting

  • Works with a variety of page builders including Gutenberg, Thrive Architect, Elementor, Woocommerce, Kadence Blocks and more.

Add Suggested Links To Pages

When you first open up the Link Whisper dashboard in WordPress, you’ll identify where you could improve your articles by adding a few links here and there.

Essentially, what Link Whisper is doing here is crawling through all the other articles on your site to find text that matches the title of the article you’ve selected. That’s how this feature works!

Suggestions and Linking Tools on Blog Posts

Using the linking feature in the dashboard is great, and it allows you to take articles you’d like to feature more and embed them in articles all across your site. 

Link Whisper scans through the articles on your site and matches them up with the topic and text of the article you’re viewing. You can then see whether or not it’s made a good match, and you can add links from there.

Link Whisper is a very simple plugin that accomplishes a few basic tasks that make life a lot easier.  While there is no guarantee that this will improve your ranking, even Google has stated that they consider internal linking an important ranking factor.

Link Whisper Price

Link Whisper is a premium plugin and it does not come with any free version. Choose from 3 premium offers, that vary per how many sites you need it for:

  • 1 Site: If you have one site in which you publish your articles then you can buy this offer. It provides all the features of Link Whisper at just $77/year for a single site license. 

  • 3 Site: If you have more than one site and then you can choose this plan which offers you 3 sites license at just $117/year which is an optimized amount considering that for one site it charges $77/year. This offer, it also provides all the features of Link Whisper.

  • 10 Site: If you have more than 3 sites then it is the best option for you because it offers you 10 sites license at just $147/year. It is also a good and optimized offer to choose.

It might seem little expensive at first, but when you look at it from a different perspective, it seems justified. You should think about the long term benefits of Link Whisper. It will help you save time as well as improve your on-page SEO without much hassle.

Pros / Cons

Link Whisper is a very helpful plugin for bloggers for time saving and improving their search engine optimization at the same time. And here the pros and cons of Link Whispers. 


  • Simple installation

  • Easy to use

  • Time saving

  • Instant link suggestion

  • Relevant link suggestion

  • Link reports for every article


  • Some features could be complex for beginners

  • No external linking suggestions

Examples of Internal Linking

Internal links help Google find, index, and understand all of the pages on your site. If you use them strategically, internal links can send page authority (PageRank) to important pages.

There are multiple types of internal links that you can use when improving your interlinking structure.

  • Contextual Links

Contextual links are the most important ones. They are hyperlinks found in a <a> tag which wraps around a relevant anchor text. 

When using contextual links to interlink between your articles, make sure you include keywords in your anchors, to tell Google what the link is about. However, don’t use that as your main focus. The purpose of a link is to be clicked on

  • Image Links

Image links are pretty simple to understand. You click an image and it’s going to take you to a link. The general consensus is that contextual links have greater value than image links. However, despite being less valuable, image links hide an important technique that you can take advantage of. 

  • Navigational & Footer Links

Navigational links mainly refer to the structure of the site, since they are kept within lists (<ul> & <li> tags). Make sure you structure your site.

Remove The Link Whisper Plugin

If you remove or uninstall Link Whisper all the internal links you have created in your article because it will stay intact. 

All the internal links you create through Link Whisper are permanent links so you can create links and uninstall the plugin according to you please. So you can create links and uninstall the plugin as you please. 

If you add a link in error, you have to go to that page and edit the post to remove the added link.


Link Whisper seems to be a solid plugin that does one thing really well. It comes with amazing features to make your internal linking process super smooth with any efforts. 

Auto SEO links is one of the best features Link Whisper offers and it gives you the most relevant suggestions and you can control anchor text in your articles too. 

This Plugin is designed in a way that any level of user can use it without any difficulty.  It’s designed for those with content rich websites, niche websites, and bloggers.  

Though, with many other Internal Linking Plugins in the market, Link Whisper stands ahead in terms of it’s innovative and smart features.

Link Whisper is an excellent solution for all of your internal linking problems. The plugin is easy to configure and use. You should be up and running in minutes. It offers you plenty of options to add internal links in bulk or individually, in turn, saving you a ton of time and money.