Fun Facts about Immune System


What Is An Immune System, and Where Is It Located?

An immune system is a collection of network which helps the body to fight off the pathogens that may enter our bodies. Antibodies are not located at a particular place in a body, but it consists of white blood cells lymphatic system bone marrow etc. that are present all over the body. They are called as the “defense of the bodies” because of the fact that it helps fight of the pathogens and foreign cells that may enter our bodies through any means.

How Does It Work?
Immune system works in a way when any foreign material, viruses, or bacteria enters into the body, the immune system activates its antibodies which then attacks the foreign cells and destroys it from harming the body in any possible way. Immune system sends a message to the antibodies to attacks the foreign cells in a lot of ways that includes agglutination, utilization, or precipitation. All of these are different procedures to block, remove, or destroy the harmful cells to avoid any further harm to the human body.

Fun Facts about Immune System:
An immune system is a very interesting network of body. There are some of the fun facts about the immune system that are mentioned below:
 The immune system is as important to be capable enough to save lives. It involves a
network of different cells and nerves that have covered the entire body.
 A long time ago, the imbalance in immune system was understood to be the unbalance
in the four humors of the brain when in fact it was due to the immune system.
 Although the immune system works together as the defense of the body, there are
specialized blood cells that are the main power point of the immune system. These two
blood white blood cells are lymphocytes and phagocytes. Lymphocytes are responsible
for creating antigens for specific pathogen, while phagocytes responsible for ingesting
the harmful bacteria.
 Our spleen is a very important organ to actually help the immune system to work. It is
present between stomach and diaphragm.
 All the tissues in our body contains immune cells.
 One very astounding thing about the immune system is that it is related to our mood.is said that the more friendly and happy we feel, the healthier our immune system is.
 It is said that our appendix has little to no use in our body, but our immune system is
capable of putting our appendix into service.

Final Thoughts:
To sum it up, an immune system is a very crucial and interesting part of our body that helps our body function safely and keeps it healthy. The MBP antibody is also available for people to use to it to strengthen their bodies and help reach a strong mobility. It is very essential especially when all of us are stuck in a coronavirus pandemic that has forced us to make.