UNBREAKcable’s smartphone car accessory you need to get hands on.


It is quite evident how automobiles have transformed over time. For many people, cars have become traveling offices with everything they need in one place. We live in a distracting world and the worst place to be distracted is when you are driving.

One of the best pieces of gear that someone like this can have is a car mount for their smartphone, which has several benefits over using the phone in hand which in itself is a danger to you and the other people by your side.

Looking for the best one? UNBREAKcable’s universal car phone holder is here at your ease.

Why UNBREAKcable and how to save your money to choose best one  

UNBREAKcable is a brand born out of passion wanting to give the best possible products at a very reasonable price point compared to inflated rates of market. Many of the products available in the market are mostly confined to one way of attachment either dashboard, wind screen or AC outlets but this product by UNBREAKcable is attachable to either of them, no matter it it’s leather, glass or plastic all thanks to its super adhesive base.

This also acts as a fulcrum, offering extra stability. Built in anti slip rubber pads ensure a secure and non scratch grip even on a bumpy road so that you don’t have to worry about your phone falling off.

Now here’s the best part. Normally the phone vent  is priced at $25.99. UNBREAKcable  Amazon sells it for $18.99 which is a 27% savings.  We have a coupon code that will get you an additional 20% off the price of the UNBREAKcable phone holder . That will lower the price to $15.19, which is best discount. And again, this phone holder comes with hassle free 3 years of warranty with fast and easily accessible customer care

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 UNBREAKcable’s Universal Car Mount.

 While car mounts are becoming popular day by day, every accessories company is now looking up to it. However, a convenient one will always out weigh the other so let’s have a look why UNBREAKcable’s Universal car phone vent is the best option for you.


The attachment junction comes equipped with sticky adhesive layer and a suction cup that not only ensure high stability but also holds your phone tighter and firmly. The gel pad is removable and washable that means you don’t need to look for new pads every day, preventing hassles and hitch hatch.

2.360° Rotation

UNBREAKcable’s car phone vent allows up to 360° rotation so that you can adjust it as per your viewing angle and convenience


Over time, cell phones have become larger and wider. The UNBREAKcable’s car iPhone holder and android car mount has a wide range of compatibility which means you can attach whatever phone you have. It perfectly fits cell phones ranging from 4.7 inches to 6.5 inches.


The product comes with hassle free 3 years of warranty with fast and easily accessible customer care. The best part is all this without any additional costs needed. Such a large span of warranty also makes it clear how confident UNBREAKcable is about their product. Apart from this, they have customer case service a call away, solving your problems and queries within 24 hours.

In Box accessories:

  • Car Phone Holder

  • Suction cup base

  • Sticky adhesive dashboard base

  • Ait outlet clip

  • Rotatable screw

Some important tips:

  • If mounting on windshield, please clean it before installation as dust and impurities can inhibit the adhesive performance and cause disturbances.

  • Always remember to lock the suction cup after installation for better grip and stability.

  • High temperatures can seriously effect the adhesive and cause damage to it, so prevent mounting on windshields in summers.

  • When using 3M gel dashboard base, kindly clean the surface properly so that you get the best out of it.

Should You Go With It

Before you choose a car mount, one of the most important factors you consider is the cell phone compatibility. While many of them are specifically for certain phones, UNBREAKcable’s Universal car mount is compatible with a wide range of phones.

Second comes the attachment style. Car mounts are mostly confined to one way of attachment but UNBREAKcable’s iPhone car holder offers all the possible ways of attachment namely dashboard, air vent and adhesive mounts.

Topped up with moving capability of 360 degrees, it allows you to adjust the screen as per your need for a clearer view which can be really helpful on a sunny day.

Apart from all this, coming equipped with 3 years of warranty and fast customer care and helpline services makes it withstand its counter parts. All of this making it the best possible choice because of the convenience and reliability it offers at such a low price point.

Looking For One?

You can Order the product directly and use coupon code : 1UBPi173 but this might be of your interest to save a few bucks while getting hands on the same item you’re looking for.

Ordering it from Amazon at can get you an additional 20% off on the product by using the code. Who wouldn’t like to save money? So click the link and use the code we provide before the offer ends.